Black Student Union (BSU)

            The BSU was founded in 1968. The Black Student Union had its first African fashion show in 1972. In the 1990’s the student organization changed it’s name to the African-American Student Union and held protests against racist incidents that happened on campus, often led by a fraternity called Archania. That fraternity is no longer on Pacific’s campus. In the 2000s, the AASU was changed back to Black Student Union to be more inclusive of students who were not from the US, identified as Black and wanted to be part of the group. Up until 2012, the Black Student Union organized its own graduation/senior celebration for Black students graduating from Pacific’s Stockton campus. Pacific’s Black Alumni Club, founded in 2006, was asked by the BSU to take over the “Black Grad” event in 2012 and held the event each year through 2019.  The Black Student Success Office took over the “Black Grad” event in 2019 and continues to host the event annually (during the pandemic it was virtual).