Breanna Jackson

Political Science Major
Class of 2022
Current work: Full-time Human Resource Coordinator

 “To take it a day at a time” and “there is even more exposure, more opportunity, more things that you don’t even know about yet so, take it a day at a time, listen and learn yourself because that’s what’s gonna truly carry you to all the newer opportunities later”

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thank you so much for participating in
this interview um can you introduce
yeah my name is brianna jackson i’m a
political science major i’m also a
returning student and a full-time human
resources coordinator
what brought you to the university of
the pacific
yeah at first
it was on whim i received a postcard
from pacific offering to apply so
i just did it
and i got accepted so i decided to come
to university pacific
um were you ever involved with campus
if yes
to what capacity did you participate
yeah so i actually got to experience a
lot of
pacific life in various aspects for
in regular student life i got to
participate a lot with black student
union as well as be there in the
creation of black student success
off campus um
or not as a student but i got to work
pacific housing during
the summer for their summer conferences
as a worker and as a manager so i got to
connect a lot with them and then i had
the great opportunity to work in the
alex and jerry alumni house
and i got to do that for about two years
what made you want to be involved
throughout my actual
high school career i volunteered in
numerous organizations and i did a lot
of different fundraising events
and so when i came to pacific it was
just like
a new opportunity
but i didn’t know where to go so i just
started trying out different things and
various amazing amounts of people
and at that point i just decided hey i
want to be involved and just be exposed
and just
see what’s out there that i never even
considered back when i
was there anything that has affected
your educational journey if so how did
that event help you or hinder you
yeah at first i thought it was a
hindrance but unfortunately i had to
drop out from the university and when i
dropped out it was due to financial
circumstances but it gave me the
opportunity to start my career and i
began working as a human resources clerk
and it
turned into my passion and actually went
with my major as a political science
because i get to work with people and
actually provide resources that can make
a difference in their everyday work life
and so as i’m continuing and returning
back to pacific it just motivated me
even more to not only
take and learn what i had in the past
couple years that i’ve been here but to
apply with the new skills that i gain
from my working and new
experiences that i can give to other
students who have not had that
opportunity to be in the workforce yet
so it’s actually just been
a great
impact in my life and i honestly say i’m
glad it happened
what okay what’s a quote that you could
that um would inspire
current and incoming african-american
it’s not really much of a quote it’s
more of a piece of advice and i just
those students to take it a day at a
a lot of the times um especially when
you’re first in coming in new you feel
these pressures to
be the top to be successful to
take every opportunity you can so you
can set yourself up in life better but
the thing is you have to take it a day
at a time because you’ll burn yourself
and not only only that it’s not the end
all once you leave college there’s even
more exposure more opportunity more
things that you don’t even know about
yet and so
take it a day at a time listen and learn
yourself because
that’s what’s truly going to carry you
to all the newer opportunities
thank you so much for participating in
this interview
i think that’s it
okay and then yeah

Breanna Jackson, Carina Carey, Stockton, April 25, 2022.