David Robert Onyango Ogutu

Major Undecided 
International Student From Kenya
Class of 2025

How did I learn about pacific?
            Pacific was my 3rd choice college and was shortlisted by my educational consultant when I asked him for small liberal arts colleges in US.

What made me choose Pacific?
          The climate, as well as having family in california.

Do you have any family member?
           I have family here in California, mostly in the Bay Area and a few in the central valley.

Has any significant thing happened that affected your time on campus?
             I have been blessed with an uneventful and welcoming time at campus.

Any other experiences here on campus you feel comforting talking about?
            Whilst I have had a great and welcoming time on campus and have faced no prejudice, stereotypes have been something I have faced. Frequently I have received comments such as “your English is so good” and similar comments. Additionally, I have on one rare occasion received comments from people intrigued at my ability given where I am from. Any of the few frictions I have received from my time at pacific were based more on where I was from and how I speak rather than my skin color (though that is not saying it is a possibility)

David Robert Onyango Ogutu, Madison Miller, Stockton, April 21, 2022