Kristen Evans

Psychology Major
Class of 2022
Future Occupation: Marriage Family Therapist and Professional Coordinator Counselor

 “Make your own limits, don’t let someone else create yours”

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who you are and well tell us who you are


you know what your major and

class are what kind of thing certainly

yes so um i’m kristin i’m actually a

senior and i’m majoring in psychology

wow what made you choose psychology um

my family actually they majored in

psychology so i just kind of jumped on

the bandwagon that’s so cool so do you

think what do you think you’re going to

be doing once you

graduate do you have an idea i do so i’m

actually hoping to become a marriage

family therapist and a professional

counselor oh that’s so cool that’s so

cool can you tell me why you chose the


well actually it was totally by chance

my mother and i were having a

conversation about where i was going to

go to you know get my undergrad and i

just looked up universities in the area

because of the time i went to tracy and

he popped up and so i applied did you

visit it before you

i did not wow

so when you first arrived on campus what

was your first impression


i really liked um how nice the playlist

looked and you know because it was

really nice landscaping that’s the first

thing that

has anything significant happened to you

while she’ll be on campus

i guess it would depend on what you mean

by significant

so something that’s affected you your

ability to maybe focus or it could be

something that

really um i guess you know

really encouraged you so

well i would say that i have happened

upon some very very

supportive professors um especially

during the pentagon we you know had to

switch up online learning

they were understanding of the situation

that i had been going through at the


um and a lot of them were really really

encouraging and i definitely appreciate

that you know it kind of helped me to

keep going when i wanted to you know

just stay in bed yeah i couldn’t imagine

a difficult time

i want to know did you ever use the

black student success


i have visited maybe once or twice

and how did you find that was that

experience like um you know i i really

enjoyed the people that i met

i wasn’t necessarily pleased with how

small the space was compared to other um

you know societies

at uop i felt that they didn’t

necessarily do


yes has justice with giving them that

space but you know they can’t help that

like i said everybody else there who was

there was great absolutely is there a

quote that you would like to share with

our online visitors

make your own oneness don’t let somebody

else see those

that’s amazing

thank you so much for your time

christian we appreciate

Kristen Evan, Elaine Hanly, Stockton, April 7, 2022.