Sam Freeman

Communication Major
Psychology Minor 
Class of 2024
Plays Basketball

“Just make sure you take full advantage of life because it’s short and you must seize the day while you can. That’s what has encouraged me, it is one of the biggest parts that gets me through the day. We’re not going to be here forever so you might as well go for that job opportunity, try something new, make new friends, start that business, just take risks and seize the day.”

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so sam thank you so much for agreeing to
be part of our project um first of all
introduce yourself
so um
my name is sam sam freeman my full name
is sammy what i eat
i’m 21 years old i’m from dallas texas
and um
basically i
play basketball here for the university
of pacific
and i feel like it was one of the best
choices i made college-wise and for my
athletics-wise uh individually for my uh
for my game to grow as well as my
academics to grow
um just because it feels like a home
environment but um i mean you know i’m
really more of an open book so i mean i
can really just here and talk to you
about everything all day so i mean
if if that was the case you know
i could just get into a little story but
that’s pretty much base that’s like
basically like the surface of who i am
oh yeah feel free to talk what so your
mate what’s your major
uh i’m majoring in i used to major in uh
psychology but i just recently changed
it over to communications
oh cool
and i wanna mind your uh minor in uh
whoa wow
so when’s your glass when do you hope to
uh uh i hope to graduate in 20 of 2023
which is actually like my graduating
year but since the covet since like we
got our we got a year back for
basketball so we kind of like
take uh we can take more uh extra class
um our extra year if we play basketball
technically i was supposed to graduate
in 2023 but now um i’m on track to
graduate 2024. okay cool
that’s so cool all right then so how did
you i mean you’re all the way from
dallas texas so tell me how did you find
out about uop
um well actually it was like it’s a
pretty uh
pretty long process it was kind of like
um when i came from dallas i went to
school in minnesota for two years and
then i had transferred from there to
but um the history behind it is like our
head coach right now he’s like he’s my
my dad’s best friend so he’s like more
like a godfather to me so he’s kind of
like one of my father figures so i mean
he like really kind of just told me how
like he told me everything like how you
do my dad and everything and we just
kind of just linked you kind of just
linked up after that and um
i kind of just basically found my way in
here he uh gave me an offer and i came
here and
like that was a really good decision for
me at the time
that was definitely so are you
first-generation college student or
uh both of my parents went to college so
my dad actually met him in college they
were called as roommates actually and
then my mom was um my mom was with my
dad at the time so they all three just
knew each other it was like all close
so would you say that you were expected
to go to college then because of that
i would say
i was uh for my for my mom for sure i
was expected to go to college for my mom
um she definitely wanted me to get a any
kind of degree any some way somehow just
because of like
like i like how i am or like basically
my background culture she’s like this is
like weird school family to be honest
like all of my my grandma my aunties
they all went to college everybody went
to college so yeah that’s kind of
right it’s in your jeans really it’s in
your jeans i like that okay then so
um i like that idea though because
that’s just encouraging you to keep the
legacy going really the next generation
um as an african-american male
have you experienced on this particular
any biases
you know whether student or faculty you
and if you haven’t then you haven’t you
know you know
i don’t i wouldn’t say i haven’t i’d
probably just say like i’ve probably
gotten used to like a lot of biases just
like being like where i’m from and
dallas was like majority black
and then moving out of that uh moving
out of there and going like to minnesota
where it’s like you know it’s diverse
but it’s majority caucasian so it’s kind
of like i kind of had the best of like
both worlds and like lack of better
terms i kind of like had the black
experience now like
the caucasian experience and then coming
over here it’s kind of like it’s a
little bit there’s a little bit diverse
but like i mean at the same time i feel
like i was not really stereotyping like
nobody’s really stereotyping me i just
feel like that’s just kind of like how
people are at this point so kind of like
accepting a little bit okay i understand
that you’re saying so is it more like
microaggressions rather than out and out
do you think yeah yeah like my like yeah
microaggression that’s a good word for
microaggression just you know i’m kind
of like i’m kind of tall you know i’m i
have dressed and i’m you know i’m black
so i mean
definitely it’s been like just just a
few little you know experiences but like
nothing really just out of the ordinary
where it’s like it’s an issue or
anything just kind of expect it right so
how do you navigate that then i mean you
say you expect it but
how do you navigate through it
i mean i just told them like like my
character is bigger than my color you
know i’m more of like a like i’m more of
like a people’s person to see people
like want to say that i mean
if anybody can anybody would see me and
just be like you know he’s kind of like
he’s tall he’s probably just kind of
tough you know but like if you get to
know me you know you actually know like
i’m really just more of like a chill
laid back guy and i really just like
making smile on people’s faces that’s
all right
like i feel like i kind of compensate
that with my personality
that’s so cool that is so cool so i what
are some of the positive aspects then um
i think you did mention wanted to the
beginning but can you be a bit more
specific about you know being a student
on campus here at uop
uh specific and what um the positive
things that you’ve experienced yeah
okay yeah um
i mean
like being us being a student here for
one it’s already a blessing to be here
because we’re at such a prestigious
university so it’s like any degree out
of here is going to be worth a lot like
in the future it’s going to be very
beneficial for me in my life and my
family for one
that’s just right off the top and then
two like being an athlete here like
it’s just you know everybody like
everybody knows who you are so it’s not
really like you know you’re just kind of
floating around trying to find your
identity like you know everybody shows
you love you know we get a lot of
donators we get a lot of like like fans
coming to our games just like a lot of
like energy is a lot of good energy so i
feel like it’s just like a lot of
positive vibes here in this specific
right so you mentioned before then about
the experience with covid that you can
actually extend your time a little while
to get some of the time back
so is that the same is that with
basketball is that the same with your
academic classes
no it’s so
with basketball like you you have like a
year back so like let’s say like
technically i’m supposed to be going to
my senior year right now but i’ll be a
junior in basketball but like i’ll be
taking senior classes so
i mean an extra year of school is just
be an extra year of school just like
just for my major from what i’m uh my
degree i’m chasing so i’ll have to take
an extra year of school anyway in order
to be able to like graduate with that
degree so i’ll be able to play
basketball and do school work at the
same time okay so how do you how do your
professors um how do you you know if
you’re having a issue academically let’s
is is a do you find that your professors
are very open and and uh accessible for
you to help you create you know through
whatever the issue might be
yeah oh yeah that i feel like they’re
really open just to you know just to
help help me be successful in that class
you know also with being like on the
road or i’m not really in class a lot so
they try to you know try to catch me up
a little bit fast i feel like they’re
more like in tune with me trying to be
successful in their classes that’s so
cool that’s so cool so
what would you say
to encourage any current and
specifically african-american black
african-american because we’re not all
african-american and um
you know current students and incoming
students is there anything that you
would share with them to
to help encourage them to kind of you
know get through their academic career
as it were all their
so they can achieve their major right
major matter
as like for like not all
african-americans are just students
coming to campus um well because i’m
really focusing on black
african-americans so yeah you know
because of our needs and especially as a
male as well
okay well um
i mean advice i would give them is just
the advice i would give myself you know
don’t let don’t let like the stereotypes
you know affect you you know you have to
have your positive energy illuminate
throughout anything to be honest like i
feel like that’s just what i really go
about i feel like that’s how i’ve been
getting through my days at least if like
not to say like it’s been hard or
anything just like you know just that’s
just how i am and i feel like that’s
just like more of like a
like just a positive trait for me and i
feel like that’s just it would be the
best way to move around for anybody who
would be going through something like
that right
like affecting them like that
oh cool i know that you know because
you’re athletes you are very much have a
great camaraderie teams have to really
you know connect
with each other to be able to
communicate silently on the on the
basketball court so are you involved in
any other organizations on campus at all
um to be honest i really haven’t
expanded my horizons yeah i don’t need
other like
like organizations or teams or anything
i’ve really kind of just been you know
like majority basketball to be honest
because it’s really like
like i would say it’s my first year like
actually being on a team that like feels
like a team you know like it feels like
a family so i kind of just been putting
all my time into you know making this
greater than what it can be like region
is full of potential team orders
so would you ever think then as you
progress throughout your career here
that you might you know you might think
about looking at other um organizations
whether it’s a fraternity or black
student success or anything like that
i’m definitely i’m never gonna turn down
any like any open organizations like i
feel like i’m definitely open-minded to
a lot of things so i feel like if the
opportunity presents to something i’ll
definitely take advantage of it
cool that’s cool
before we go
um i wonder do you have a quote
or something that you’ve read or someone
shared with you that you found
encouraging that you’d like to share
right now
um quote
oh that’s a lot of quotes actually i
have a few quotes
oh you can do more than one if you want
yeah i mean um
you know just
i can’t really quote anything but like i
feel like you know just
make sure you take it full advantage of
life as you can because it’s really to
be honest it’s really short and you know
you have to
seize the day while you can so i feel
like that’s like more of like a quote
for me that’s but that’s like one of the
biggest plus that gets me through the
day like you know not gonna be here
alone you gotta be forever so you know
you might as well just go ahead go take
that get that job opportunity you know
go try some new things go make some new
friends you know try this business move
like you know like
just take risks yeah i like that idea
though essentially seize the day i like
that very very much yeah
you know what i want to say thank you so
much sam for taking the time uh to be
part of our project we really appreciate
it and uh thank you so much for your
time i could talk to you for longer but
i know time is there
but thank you so much i have a quick
question for you actually um
if this is cool i just want to ask like
are you are you from um where are you
from i’m from england you’re in england
okay and that’s why we’re looking at the
black experience black african-american
because you know people just assume
if you’re black you’re african-american
and you know on the campus we have
people from you know nigeria ghana etc
so there are other blacks here as well
so we’re looking at their experience as
well you know because it’s you know it’s
cultural differences even though we have
the same shade skin
we have different backgrounds so yeah
oh yeah
that’s cool you’re welcome
thank you
you’re welcome i’m going to have that on
the video so
oh yeah okay yeah
that’s what’s up thank you thank you so
much and feel free you know to reach out
again we’re going to keep this going of
course of course absolutely
thank you so much sam thank you
take care


Sam Freeman, Elaine Hanly, Stockton, April 27, 2022.