Cierra Evelyn

Music Therapy Major
Class of 2024
Instrument(s): Viola, Guitar, Piano
Created a new R&B group called Neo Souls

“Have fun and share the love”

*Transcript Was Computer Generated*


thank you so much for
volunteering for this interview okay so
for the first question how did you learn
about pacific so my senior year of high
school i was like i went to my orchestra
director and i was like okay
does doing music seem like possible for
and he was like yeah actually this was
junior year sorry
you’re way ahead of me
um and then a senior year he like was
like okay i’m gonna give you this
website uh
look stuff up
and so i did and i saw that um uop
offered music therapy which was
something i was interested in at the
and they were actually like last on my
but then covet happened and like uop was
just really welcoming and they seemed
like they really wanted me here and they
like kept us in the loop about
everything that was going on like if
they were going to shut down if they
were going to keep it open
what made you choose pacific
basically just their communication
like i said they were keeping us in the
leap about what was going on like my top
school i won’t say their name but my top
i got wait listed and then one they
weren’t even giving us information about
if we’re on the waitlist are we going to
get off or like when are we going to get
off and then they also had like no
information about what they were
planning to do like about confidence oh
i know
do you have any family members who might
have been
went to pacific or what worked for
pacific okay
okay um
has any significant thing happened to
on campus that you felt
affected your
your studying
here like positive or like
positive and negative legless maybe
you’re positive and then you’re negative
well can i say my negative first like
bring it up
okay this is going to be a little deep
sorry that was fun um so i made friends
jonathan ivey i don’t know if you’ve
heard of him but
passed away
during the fall
it was like week five or something and
and from there like my whole semester
just went
down because i okay john ivey he
committed suicide
and i was at the house
i was at the house the day that he was
found so that’s like my negative for the
not for the semester for the year
but a positive that came out of this was
he had this group stock and soul which
is a bunch of black alumni
who are string players and they’re
playing like r b hip-hop pop and i
played in his memorial
and it was like it was a really cool
experience and it led me to creating
this r b group
we don’t have a name yet okay i was like
what is it
definitely we’ll have a name by like
next week okay but yeah
like i’ll definitely update the
the video or like list it in your part
if you give me the name like what’s a
personal quote you want
to go under your like picture when we
like post about you
i’m gonna say have fun and share the
love yeah it works because we all need a
lot of it
thank you once again for participating
on this project i really appreciate it i
love talking to you by the way

Cierra Evelyn, Carina Carey, Stockton, April 8, 2022.